Choosing the best colour for your competition bikinis

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When you are preparing for competition as a bodybuilder, one of the most fun decisions to make is which competition bikini to choose. Choosing the right colour and style can help to accentuate the best features of the body you have been building and help to de-emphasise any of your weaker points.  Here are some tips.  Warm shades Warmers shades such as reds, golds and oranges can wash out against a darker competition grade tan. If you love these colours, it’s a good idea to choose some accents that are very reflective such as gold appliques that can pick up the light on stage and help you to sparkle. Be sure to compare any colours that you are getting with your previous tan shades to make sure that you will look your best on stage.  Jewel colours Jewel colours are a competition favourite for a good reason. They stand out on stage and look great next to darker skin tones. Be sure to opt for brighter rather than darker jewel tones. If you are looking for inspiration, think about the colours that you are naturally drawn towards — do you prefer blues, greens or purples? This can help you to find a bikini that will help you look and feel as confident as possible on stage, which is an important ingredient in competition success.  Lighter shades Lighter shades such as whites, silvers and pearls can look great against dark tones and can really ‘pop’ on stage, particularly if you go for an option with lots of bling. It can also help to draw attention to your bright white smile, which can be a great advantage in the judging. They can easily show staining, though, so they may not be great for subsequent competitions if you find that your spray tan has leaked on the bikini. This can also affect resale value if you want to sell the bikini later.  Darker shades Darker shades such as black are usually avoided on stage as they can fade into the backdrop curtains and make you recede compared to your competitors. This isn’t ideal as you want the judge’s eyes to be drawn straight to you!  No matter what shade you choose, the most important thing is that you feel confident when you buy competition bikinis. If you want some specific advice on what competition bikini might suit you, you should talk to a specialist competition bikini...

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How to Ensure You Get Quality Custom Made Suits Online

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Buying custom made suits online can offer you many benefits; you can have the tailor keep a pattern of a suit you like so you can order it in different materials and colors, and you can pick and choose the details of the suit so it will fit your style and taste completely. If you have special needs for a suit, such as wanting to avoid certain materials made from animal products, you can also dictate these as you order. One drawback to having custom made suits that you order online is that you’re not there in the shop in person to pick the materials and other details of the suit. Note a few tips so that you can ensure you get quality custom made suits when you order them online. 1. Know your materials Blended materials are often used to reduce the cost of expensive wool and silk. Cheaper materials such as polyester or nylon may be mixed in with wool and silk, but these cheaper materials may also feel more uncomfortable against the skin and may be tightly woven so that your skin cannot breathe as easily. On the other hand, some Lycra or spandex may be mixed into the material to make the suit a bit clingy; this can help it to keep its shape over time. Knowing your materials and choosing ones that feel comfortable against your skin will be important when buying suits online. For maximum comfort, choose pure cotton or wool, or those with just a small amount of Lycra. Avoid poly-cotton blends and other such materials, as this may make the suit less comfortable when you wear it. 2. Know your measurements It’s good to take your measurements every time you order a new suit, even if you don’t think you’ve lost or gained weight. Even a small bit of extra weight around the middle, or a bit of weight loss can affect how a suit fits you. You also want to make sure you take proper inseam measurements and measure your chest properly. You might use a pair of trousers that fit well and measure their inseam to make it easier on you. Along with your own measurements, be sure you understand the different lapel sizes, cut of trousers, and the like. Slim cut trousers can make you look slimmer whereas flared legs can be more classic and businesslike. Wider lapels may also have a classic look than thinner, so note all measurements for yourself as well as the style of suits before...

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